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Research activities

Upcomming CFPs of interest
2011-11-30CFP Innovations'12
2011-12-02CFP RESoLVE'12
2011-12-05CFP INPAR'12
2011-12-07CFP IMECS'12
2011-12-08CFP FLOPS'12
2011-12-16CFP ECOOP'12
2011-12-16CFP QAPL'12
2011-12-17CFP MDA'12
2012-01-08CFP MPC'12
2012-01-08CFP PAPP'12
2012-01-13CFP ISMB'12
2012-01-14CFP CIBCB'12
2012-01-19CFP ENERGYCON'12
2012-01-21CFP SIGIR'12
2012-01-31CFP Trans. on MDA'12
2012-02-01CFP ISMM'12
2012-02-02CFP ISSTA'12
2012-02-09CFP LCTES'12
2012-02-10CFP CPM'12
2012-02-27CFP NMR'12
2012-02-28CFP HardBio-VLSI'12
2012-03-01CFP PLAS'12
2012-03-15CFP ECCB'12
2012-03-15CFP ESA'12
2012-03-18CFP BSB'12
2012-03-31CFP AfricaHI'12
2012-03-31CFP AfricaMS'12
2012-03-31CFP AfricaPES'12
2012-03-31CFP AfricaWRM'12
2012-04-12CFP DMLS'12
2012-04-22CFP GPCE'12
2012-04-30CFP ISCLS'13
2012-04-30CFP WABI'12
2012-07-11CFP ICDE'12
2012-09-14CFP Telehealth'12

Since I got to Inria Paris-Rocquencourt, I've been mostly working on the following topics (you can go directly to my publications list):

Since the beginning of 2004 I am also the "responsable permanent" of the CONTRAINTES project-team, which basically means that I second the group-head for most administrative tasks. I am a president of Paris-Rocquencourt's Comité de Suivi Doctoral (doctoral fellowship agreement comittee), and thus member of the Bureau du Comité des projets. I've been promoted to "CR1" at the end of 2005.

From September 1st 1996 to August 31st 2003 I was working for the DGA (some kind of French DARPA), which gave me a scholarship during my studies. It allowed me to work "externally" in the CONTRAINTES team of Inria, from September 2002 to my transfer to Inria, when I was hired as junior researcher (CR2) on September 1st 2003.

My Ph.D. was started when I was at Laboratoire d'Informatique de l'Ecole Normale Superieure in Paris, continued in Inria Rocquencourt and defended on April 20th 2001 had for title: Programmation Concurrente par Contraintes et Logique Linéaire i.e. Concurrent Constraint Programming and Linear Logic. Begun in October 1997, is was a sequel of my DEA as I was still studying the Linear Concurrent Constraint (LCC) paradigm, its links with Linear Logic, its own proof techniques, its problems of balance between expressivity and semantics, etc...

From February 2001 to September 2002, I was working at Centre Technique d'Arcueil, a laboratory from DGA, where I studied Natural Language Processing. I also got the role of Information Systems Security Correspondent for my department , and was named Project Manager for the future High Throughput Network for Scientific Computing.


I teach/taught in the following frameworks:

See also the programming project for the MPRI classes.

I am also propose some internships on the dedicated page of the CONTRAINTES team.

Prolog and more

I use Prolog a lot in my work, and especially GNU Prolog-RH. I was thus naturally led into developing some tools to help in using it:

I welcome any remark, question or comment on the above.

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